The Goblin Queen

Note: Sometimes I randomly write sonnets. Usually they are rude, lewd and dangerous to know, but somehow this one came out as an homage to Christina Rossetti’s 1862 children’s poem, Goblin Market. Which oddly enough is rude, lewd and dangerous to know. Just in a Victorian kinda way…

The Goblin Queen surveyed the country lane,

The two shaken young girls, one quite enthralled,

That sister’s loss, the goblin kingdom’s gain;

The Queen, she rose and to her minions called.

They tempted innocence with sweetest fruit,

They sang a song of pleasure without end.

They danced and played upon a magic flute,

And promised maidens fair their flowers to tend.

But girls should never trust a goblin’s song:

Their cheerful voices hide darkness within.

And by your heart, they would have you do wrong,

And drench your chaste spirit in lustful sin.

Can sister’s soul be rescued ‘ere she fall,

By sister’s love, the tend’rest of them all?