Wednesday came around

Low-lit corners give way

To a light, persistent rain

Warmed over with bathtub gin and animation;

The spotted river a susurration

Of pleas not yet uttered,

A dance not yet beheld.


But Wednesday comes around

And the river swells anew:

Today, its flow has twice been pushed under

For to spill and rend itself asunder

Wants once more to surge

And then to bloom.


And 8 o’clock is hard

When no greeting’s to be made,

And Wednesday came around and went again,

And, quite unbidden, the force that brought the rain

Got in its boat

And went along its way.


A shadow to my left

A flicker in my eye

A hollow in my chest

A sigh,

A sigh.


The story left unsaid

The laugh that isn’t heard

The poem never read

A cage,

A bird.


A table’s empty place

A jar of coffee full

A bed that’s mostly space

The push,

The pull.


The days that drag their heels

The nights I lie awake

The way that numbness feels

The burn

The ache.


The quandary at hand

The right, the maybe wrong

The line drawn in the sand

Too short,

Too long.


At day’s end

You coil into the quiet spaces,


But felt;

Your corporeal absence

Now lives in the not-doing,

The not-feeling.

For days I have picked at the nots

To unravel the maybes

Entwined in the dread-locks

Which keep me fettered,

Tied to the spot;

Twisted and bound,

And yet


More (Subspace #9)

Let love be assumed.

It is not more nor less

For the bond between our molecules.

We met because we loved

And there is nothing to be gained,

Or lost in our parting.

And what crackles in our spaces

Is more than They crave:

Less than a ripple,

Yet still

It crashes

When you fuck the universe

Through me

And I know death at your hand


Where more

Nullifies less

Until we



Gravity (Subspace #8)

Let me cling to the earth a while longer,

Bring my centre of gravity down.

I’ll weigh soaring through oblivion

With sitting in this groove

And learn to love the dreams where I can fly;

Let me ground myself:

Feet to earth,

Dance back my power

‘Ere I disintegrate,

My gravity shattered into something new.

Watch me and be elevated

Brought low



And we are the moment of conception,

The birth of stars stretched out through time:

Your touch the creation of atom,

My gravity to bring you home.