The ancient Egyptian goddess Ma’at (pronounced ‘mah-aht’ or ‘mayet’) embodies the ideals of truth, balance, harmony, law, morality and justice. She brings about order from chaos by regulating the basic equilibrium of the universe, the stars and the seasons, and the actions of men and gods.

It is my long-held feeling that, as symbolised by the iconic Yin Yang, balance is everything. That balance is achieved by weighing the attributes of binary opposites against one another – masculine against feminine, light against shadow, suffering against bliss, spirit against science and so on. By negotiating a tao that honours this relationship of duality, perhaps we can shine a light on the best – the most balanced – path through this life. A path with real heart.

My writing, be it poetry, prose or critical, is an exploration of this theme, or the results of its opposite.

Thank you for following. Constructive critique and respectful debate are always welcome at the table.